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Ann Kulig and Monica Fitch Skulski

AuthorHouse allowed Ann Kulig and Monica Fitch Skulski the freedom to tell their story—their way.

Freedom is a word that has many nuances. When one has a dream, a message, or a story to share, finding a publisher is key. AuthorHouse supports the creative journey that each writer undertakes.

Ann and Monica are the authors of A Garbage Can Day, available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore, and the winners of our August 2013 Author Challenge.
A Garbage Can Day
Andrea Perron

Publishing with AuthorHouse allowed author Andrea Perron to maintain the integrity of her story:

I’ve worked long and hard to bring this story to light and I could not have done it without the gracious and professional assistance of my publisher. The trade publishers wanted to “own” the rights and manipulate the story to their advantage. I chose instead to preserve, protect and defend our family memoir by publishing it independently.

Andrea’s book, House of Darkness House of Light, is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore. The story of Andrea and the Perron family is the focus of the upcoming film, The Conjuring.
House of Darkness House of Light
AuthorHouse helped self-published author Tom Geiger pass his wisdom on to his children:

It gave purpose to my passion. It provided a way to communicate my thoughts to my children, to give them guidance as I could not be there with them. They can pick up my book anytime and be with me–a single Dad with my children 13 hours away.

Tom’s book, For My Children, is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
Michelle Faciana
With AuthorHouse, teacher and self-published author Michelle Faciana can spread the joy of writing to her students:

I love reading to the kids in the elementary school, which is connected to the middle school where I teach. It’s priceless when they come up to me in the hall to say hello and, “I remember when you read your book to my class!”

Michelle’s book, Snicker’s Day Out, is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore, along with many other great children’s titles!
Self-publishing with AuthorHouse allows author Vicki L. Kidwell follow her own schedule:

The best part of self-publishing is that there’s no deadline. You can write your book, add to it, share it with your friends for encouragement as you go, and when you’re published, people ask, “What happened to the characters AFTER the book ends?” which inspires you to write a sequel.

Vicki’s book, Dark Secrets, is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
Alan Rybczyk
AuthorHouse provided hope to self-published author Alan Rybczyk (Me to You):

The greatest thing about being a self published author is it provides hope. Hope that what you tried to convey in your writing is captured by those reading it; hope that you somehow made a difference in someone’s life; and hope to achieve whatever success level you are striving for.

Check out the AuthorHouse Bookstore to see how self-publishing is allowing others find their own success!
Self-publishing with AuthorHouse allowed nutritionist Evelyn Echols to inform others on better eating choices for their children:

Having the ability to create and have your own book publish is one of my personal life goals. I have always written poems and songs in that childhood rock band, but as a child nutritionist/speaker and demonstrator, self-publishing helps to express the concept which focuses on many families’ nutritional needs.

AuthorHouse is proud to help self-published author Fred G. Dickenson spread his message to others:

I have been writing for more than 30 years for the USAF or as a teacher. Until I became a self-published author, I did not realize how fulfilling writing could be. Not only has it been personally rewarding, it has allowed me to share with others my faith, my experiences and my love of life — a life full of “Hard Knocks and Consequences.”

Fred is a teacher and retired Air Force captain. His book, Hard Knocks and Consequences, is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
Hard Knocks and Consequences
Alan N McPhail
AuthorHouse helped self-published author Alan N McPhail create a lasting memory:

I will never forget the day when my first box of published books arrived. The thrill of seeing a pile of books with my name on them as the author for the first time was fantastic. It will always remain as a special day in my memory and made all the hard work in creating my book worth it.

Alan’s book, My Reluctant Journey, is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
My Reluctant Journey
Joanna Fleur O`Neill enjoys the freedom that comes with being self-published with AuthorHouse:

The greatest thing is freedom, the freedom to feel a sense of achievement on publication, the freedom to feel confident that you can actually write, and above all the freedom within your mind to begin your next book and best-selling sequel. It`s great being a self-published author!

Joanna’s love/travel story, The Heat of Love in a Bar, is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
The Heat of Love in a Bar
AuthorHouse author Aloysius Aseervatham appreciates the ease of self-publishing:

Self-publishing is hassle-free. One has to submit only a camera ready copy of the manuscript
and pay the attractive low printing cost, taking advantage of the special discounts given from time to time. The printed book is ready for the public to buy in a few weeks. It is then up to the quality of the book, the extent of advertising done and the price charged that decides the success or not of the book.

Mathematician and teacher Aloysius Aseervatham’s book, Graduated Algebra, is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
Graduated Algebra
Self-published author June Marie Saxton found that AuthorHouse let her publish her books her way:

I labored, bringing my books to life. They have become my children, inborn with all the creative genius I could muster! They are mine…and I could not give custody of them to anyone. I would name them, and I would raise them–it was not the job of a publisher to foster them for me!

Read more about June Marie and her books at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
AuthorHouse helped Author Bob Walklettget around a common Catch-22 for new writers:

I think the greatest thing about being a self-published author is that one can tell one’s story, when most publishers will only publish work from an established author. AuthorHouse opened the door for me, and I was able to publish my story quite quickly. Thank you, AuthorHouse.

You can find Bob’s book, Just Passing By, at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
Just Passing By

Author Bonnie Belmudes has found that the joys of self-publishing with AuthorHouse extend beyond herself:

The best thing about self-publishing my children’s book, The Adventures of Gus and Gunther, was making my dream come true. I have always wanted to make kids smile at what I would write about; now, when I read my book to them, their faces light up. I’m planning on writing a second book to follow the first, and I would not go anyplace other than AuthorHouse.

AuthorHouse helped author Kenbra S. Berni make her first self-publishing experience a positive one:

I loved the fact that I had full control of publishing my first book with the full support and guidance of AuthorHouse employees and I get to keep all rights to my published book. My very first publishing experience at becoming a first-time author was an exciting experience.

Check out her book, Angels of Children, at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
Angels of Children

AuthorHouse published author Joseph Blake, talks about the support he received during the self-publishing process:

One of the best things about self-publishing with AuthorHouse is, if you’re like me you don’t have to know much of anything about publishing. However you have complete control over your manuscript. I was a bit nervous about what I was doing but after getting started having and the professional support from AuthorHouse having a your own team, that you have complete control over, is really what’s so great about the self publishing with AuthorHouse. Just Do It!

Joseph’s book, This Little Village, is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.
This Little Village
Chris Cataldo

AuthorHouse published Author Chris Cataldo’s AuthorHouse review upon the release of his first book:

I just want to say “Thank You” to AuthorHouse for helping me publish my book Computers For Kids. I was AMAZED at how professional and smooth the process went. It has been a wonderful experience and I WILL be writing a second book and going with you guys again.

Computers For Kids uses non-technical, step by step instructions and interactive exercises to help children develop a strong foundation for using the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Chris Cataldo Computers for Kids
Judith Mervis has moved straight on to writing her second book after the publication of Yuyi and La Rama, as she explains in her AuthorHouse review.

Thank you Authorhouse!!! My book Yuyi and La Rama….a children’s story book has been published. I am writing my second book.

This picture book is based on Christmas traditions in a small town in Mexico. Yaya raises money by singing La Rama but, will she be able to buy the Christmas tree she wants? Read more about the book >
Yuyi and La Rama
Dawn Orwig thanks AuthorHouse for making her dreams come true in her AuthorHouse review.

I’ve been dreaming of writing since the 5th grade, and in 2005 AuthorHouse made that dream come true! Then last fall (2011) I had the prequel to the book printed. I am currently working on the 4th book which starts the series that my fans have asked me for! Thanks, AuthorHouse for making my dream come true!

Harbor Village: The 4 Seasons is a tale of ancestral ghosts, a woman’s struggle to keep her sanity and a fight against evil. Can Autumn Porter save her family from a centuries old curse before it destroys them all? Read more about the book >
Harbor Village: The 4 Seasons

Multi-published AuthorHouse UK author Andrew Bell looks forward to the release of his third book in his AuthorHouse UK review.

Just got my second book published and signed for a third. Thank you AuthorHouse UK!

An evil secret has been buried in the town of Hartlepool since 1587. Was this secret the reason behind Darren Barker’s wife walking out on him and their two children? In Every Heartbeat Counts our hero realizes that some secrets should be left uncovered and asks if you can’t trust your heart, what can you trust? Read more about the book >
Every Heartbeat Counts
Rhonda White-Douglas is absolutely euphoric at the release of her book of poetry. Read her celebration in her AuthorHouse Review.

Congrats to all authors who had their forms of expression published with AuthorHouse. I am so honored to be a part of the author genre, with the publishing of my poetry book!!! The feeling we have will never waiver, especially when we see our names on the cover of our book. We all have joined the ranks of published authors worldwide!!! This feeling is complete euphoria. Be proud of yourselves, and don’t stop writing, keep putting the pen to the paper, for we are now in the same category of the best of the best!!! Yes we are, and guess what? This is forever!!!

The Essence of My Entire Being . . . My Mother is a powerful book of poetry written in homage to the pure beauty that is motherhood. Read more about the book >
The Essence of my Entire Being.....My Mother
Priscilla D. Robinson’s dreams came true when she chose to publish her book with AuthorHouse. Here’s her AuthorHouse review:

Thank you AuthorHouse for your part in turning my dreams into reality!!!!!!

Love’s Moodswings combines three short stories to represent the emotional stages in the progression of love. Read more about the book >
Love's Moodswings

Paula Murphy is simply overjoyed about her book Louisiana Taboo in her AuthorHouse review.

Thank you!!!! Authorhouse!!!! P

Louisiana Taboo is the story of how Paula Murphy turned her life around by finding the courage to overcome and triumph over the obstacles in her life. Read more about the book >
Louisiana Taboo
Two-time AuthorHouse published author Joseph Ruggier is delighted his first book has become a movie. He also explains why he feels fortunate to work with AuthorHouse in his AuthorHouse review.

A Rose On Ninth Street was my first fiction novel. It has been made into a movie. The film takes a different direction from the book. It is shot in the present time period while the book is written in the 50`s, and the landscape is somewhat different from the book. However, like the book, the film deals with forgiveness, redemption, and does justice to the book. It was both a challenge, and a positive experience to be one of the producers and to write the screen play. Thank GOD that I listened to my inner self and took up the challenge to write. I feel so fortunate to have worked with AuthorHouse . We had our first test screening on June 13th, in front of 318 people. The responses were very positive. The film is now in LA with a consulting team. They are working with us to complete the final cut of the film. Please check out our trailer. Thank you – remember don`t let anyone rain on your dreams.

Bob O’Connor gets a job at the Pontello produce shop in Philadelphia during the 1950’s in A Rose on Ninth Street. There he falls for Maria, but his love entangles the family in his shady past, endangering them all. Read more about the book >
A Rose on Ninth Street

AuthorHouse published author Mirthell Bazemore-Bayliss has been so impressed with her publishing experiences, she has returned for her third book, as she reveals in her AuthorHouse review.

My final draft has been completed and sent to my editor for final approval. I am happy to be returning back to AuthorHouse for publication of book 3.

Is Antonio willing to pay the price of love to be with his perfect woman? That price includes betrayal, deception and murder in If I Die, You Die. Read more about the book >
If I Die, You Die

Cheryl Dusek wrote and illustrated her children’s book. She was extremely happy with the finished product as you can read from her AuthorHouse review.

Thank you AuthorHouse for getting my book, Maybe One Day; What Do You Want To Be?, E-book live! I am very excited and hopefully will see tremendous results!

Maybe One Day is an interactive adventure where children explore various career opportunities with every member of their family. Read more about the book >
AuthorHouse Book by The Essence of my Entire Being.....My Mother Rhonda White-Douglas

AuthorHouse publishing reviewed by AuthorHouse published author Amanda Rose Daul.

I recently received my author copy of my first book from AuthorHouse, and it is absolutely amazing! I had extremely high expectations, and yet you guys managed to far exceed them. I’m so excited that my book is available for purchase now on the AuthorHouse website, Amazon, etc. Right now I’m in the process of deciding how many books to order to sell on my own; I’ve come to think of this as an investment, not just monetary, but in my future in writing as well. Thank you AuthorHouse!

16-year-old Jessie Carmichael didn’t mind leaving Miami for small town Osprey, but when she meets the charming boy-next-door Aaron Scott, she is instantly intrigued by his mysterious nature. She is determined to find out what it is that he is hiding, but at the same time, she is shocked to realized that she in unintentionally falling for him. After she discovers his secret, as entire myth unveils before her. Aaron must enlist her help on an adventure that is about the change both of their lives. They discover old, dark, hidden resentments that threaten to destroy them all. Along the way, they learn about love and hatred, betrayal and trust – all the while trying to stay alive. Read more about the book >
AuthorHouse Publication: Mawby the Christmas Pony

Rhonda White-Douglas shares her publishing experiences in her Authorhouse review.
Congrats to all authors who had their forms of expression published with AuthorHouse. I am so honoured to be a part of the author genre, with the publishing of my poetry book! The feeling we have will never waiver, especially when we see our names on the cover of our book. We all have joined the ranks of published authors worldwide! This feeling is complete euphoria! Be proud of yourselves, and don’t stop writing, keep putting the pen to the paper, for we are now in the same category as the best of the best! Yes we are, and guess what? This is forever!

Rhonda White-Douglas
The Essence of My Entire Being……MY MOTHER is a powerful self explanatory, poetry book, solely published to capture the endless beauty of All Mothers. The book is simply giving heart and soul derived homage to the depths of pure love that so many feel each moment for, a woman, during their journey of life, that to them in some way embodied the essence of what MOTHERHOOD is. Read more about the book >
AuthorHouse Book by The Essence of my Entire Being.....My Mother Rhonda White-Douglas
AuthorHouse Author Claire Nightingale

AuthorHouse’s Clare Nightingale talks about the publishing process in her AuthorHouse review.

Thank you Aileen Leyson, you are the best.xx:)

Married with two older children, have been writing for ten years and have always drawn, even on the wall as a kid. I would love to continue writing for as long as possible and hope that I will always be able to draw. Read more about the book >
AuthorHouse Publication: The Adventures of Fishkin and Pepperjacket
AuthorHouse Author Gloria D. Gonsalves

Gloria D. Gonsalves’ AuthorHouse review highlights the publishing process.

Thank you for making my writings into products that remind me of the importance in pursuing what we love with passion regardless of obstacles. You and your staff rock!!! Wishing you an awesome year ahead!

Koenigswinter, Germany
Sometimes old memories come flooding back into one’s mind with nostalgic effect. One day my brain felt like a giant elephant as I hummed old songs and rhymes that dated as far back as my days in nursery school. My native country Tanzania was intensively on my mind. Read more about the book >
AuthorHouse Publication: Swahili Folklore

An AuthorHouse review by AuthorHouse published author Jani Zirakpuria

Authorhouse makes authors out of faceless writers … ! Just as warriors are made out of nondescript fighters … !!

Laced with cogent sensual visions of ‘straight orientation’ with India as its base, the novella contains the escapades of a man from Punjab living as a ‘forced bachelor’ on ‘punishment posting’ in a state capital of south India. His first love is a tribal woman living in the city for livelihood. Read more about the book >
Author Ruth Marimo provides insights into publish with an AuthorHouse review.

Thank you Authorhouse for your dedication to my book!!!

Freedom of an Illegal Immigrant: The Untold Story of My Search for a Place in the World is a memoir about an African orphan who grows up feeling different, isolated, and unwanted even among her own people. Read more about the book >

An AuthorHouse publishing review by author Jake Lynch

this is my book that I have had published by AuthorHouse , I have asperger syndrome, toutettes , ocd, adhd and dyspraxia … but it hasn’t stopped my from following my dreams : )

Seven years ago the evil and all round nasty aliens, the Vreetoc Empire, invaded the magical land of Corralna and laid waste to it in a cruel unprovoked conquest and expansion attack. In the present day Corralna’s resistance is running out; soon it will be too late. Read more about the book >

Author Karen Coomber talks about the publishing process in her AuthorHouse review.

My book Not What Nature Intended is now live and starting to sell ….. all about my life and my cosmetic surgery ……. the procedures told by me, just a normal person, I share exactly what it is like …… never been done before through the media of a book! Thanks to AuthorHouse for publishing.

This is a book which depicts a woman’s feelings towards her growing and changing body and explains her eventual decision to have cosmetic surgery. The book follows a girl growing up in a world surrounded by image and ‘the need for a perfect body’ and her realisation that her body just did not conform to the ‘expected’. Read more about the book >

Author Julie Ashton’s publishing experiences highlighted in her AuthorHouse review.

My daughter had her book published by AuthorHouse (Kirsty’s Story living with neurofibromatosis and scoliosis) , we found them to be really helpful and the quality of the book is really good. I would recommend AuthourHouse to anyone thinking of having a book published .

Neurofibromatosis (NF) can be a very cruel condition and no one can say what life holds for someone with NF, with me it caused Scoliosis, which required major surgery. An operation at The Manchester’s Children’s Hospital in March 2005 to place two titanium rods on ether side of my spine to correct my scoliosis came with risk. Read more about the book >

AuthorHouse author Kimmie Evans Reed’s AuthorHouse review.

‎The-Kaleidoscope-of-Kimetry is my first published work with AuthorHouse and I have enjoyed every moment of the process.

Alexandria, Virginia
This anthology of poetry, quotes and inspirational messages cover a spectrum of life testimonial experiences of people from different walks of life. Every piece has a message or mirrors real life situations, and it is the hope of the author that others will be touched and/or helped in a positive way. Read more about the book >

Alberto Salinas Jr. shares his AuthorHouse experience in this AuthorHouse review.

Thank you, AuthorHouse for helping us publish Curandero Conversations and especially for helping me with publishing The Border Healer.

The Border Healer My Life as a Curandero is one of the most significant contributions of its kind. Alberto Salinas, Jr. a curandero tells his story in the native voice. He tells us about his life and how he became a healer. Read more about the book >

Author Danny Hone talks about his publishing experiences in this AuthorHouse review.

Paid Sept 16th had the book in my hand October 12th! WOW! Only speed bump so far is no one can tell me how much it costs me to buy additional copies of my own book and that information isn’t showing in the book consultants computer, which shows I have to pay full retail price. Got excited when book arrived and looks like I prematurely sent out a press release and internet ad campaign. Not upset since this whole process went super fast. I figured someone got the cart in front of the horse and it will all catch up soon enough. Overall I’m highly impressed and strongly recommend AuthorHouse to everyone!

As you read this book you’ll quickly discover that this book isn’t about Danny Hone. It’s about God and His wonderful work in all of our lives. God has done wonderful things in my life. He saved me in 1970 and gave me a wonderful wife in 1992 and two lovely daughters. Read more about the book >

AuthorHouse published author Charmaine Maeer shares her experiences in this AuthorHouse review.

I wrote the book A Walk On The Other Side with you and it is already helping so many! I feel proud and thank you.xx

Dudley UK
Charmaine Addresses something that comes to us all, and to all our loved ones, and which we are very ill equipped to handle; death, the end of life, or the passing from one state, which we know, to another, which we cannot know. Read more about the book >

Children’s book author Kristina Cardoza talks about her experiences in this AuthorHouse Publishing review.

Thank you AuthorHouse!! :D I can’t wait to get my book!

It’s Pinky’s first day of Kindergarten! She meets a new friend, has fun playing with him…but then she meets Hops, the class bully! What will she do? Read more about the book >
AuthorHouse Publication: Mawby the Christmas Pony

AuthorHouse author Ghaffar Ellis provides this AuthorHouse review.

Thank to you AuthorHouse our book Ghetto Born, God Raised written by Dario Shields is out and we are very much appreciative of that fact.

Let me ask you a question, do you have a dream or goal? How badly do you want it? Do you want it as badly as you want to breathe? I bet alot of obstacles have come between you and your dream, forcing you to want to just give up. Read more about the book >

Author Andrea Perron’s publishing experiences outlined in her AuthorHouse review.

House of Darkness House of Light has been released! AuthorHouse did a great job! Beautiful. Everything promised was delivered and then some…I could not be more pleased. Andrea Perron ~ Author

Rhode Island
Roger and Carolyn Perron purchased the home of their dreams and eventual nightmares in December of 1970. The Arnold Estate, located just beyond the village of Harrisville, Rhode Island seemed the idyllic setting in which to raise a family. Read more about the book >