AuthorHouse Reviews: Editing

Self-publishing with AuthorHouse allows William Robert Webb III to be his own editor:

You have complete control over the content and as such are not restricted to the norms of contemporary publishing. Other people are not second guessing your work. You are your own editor (unless you ask a friend to help you). It’s a completely freeing up experience in which you are given total freedom. Yes, I’m being redundant, but I get to be my own editor.

William’s fictional comic company history, Simply Weird, is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore.

AuthorHouse Reviews: Book Design

Patrick G Cox
Self-publishing with AuthorHouse gives author Patrick G Cox the control he wants:

Having now self-published four books, I have found the best aspect of this process is the control I have over the final content, layout and presentation. It is all my own work, from the story, through the cover design and image and layout. As I have several other books published ‘traditionally,’ I am very aware of how little control an author usually has over these aspects.

AuthorHouse Reviews: Book Publishing

Ann Kulig and Monica Fitch Skulski

AuthorHouse allowed Ann Kulig and Monica Fitch Skulski the freedom to tell their story—their way.

Freedom is a word that has many nuances. When one has a dream, a message, or a story to share, finding a publisher is key. AuthorHouse supports the creative journey that each writer undertakes.

Ann and Monica are the authors of A Garbage Can Day, available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore, and the winners of our August 2013 Author Challenge.
A Garbage Can Day

AuthorHouse Reviews: Book Marketing

AuthorHouse author Red Dobbs has succeeded in finding her audience and is planning to deliver her story’s next installment very soon, according to her AuthorHouse review.

AuthorHouse published my book and I have sold hundreds so far. I will have a second book for them very soon as soon as the editor gets through with it. I look forward to this with great anticipation!

Can our heroine, Darkness, beat the evil Takar and his band of Shadow Seekers to finding the planet’s last dragon eggs and restore the world to its former glory? Read more about the book >
Darkess and the Purple Mist